Write a program that calculates the average of all the numbers stored in the file

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How does this formula work? We know there are (n)/2 even numbers till n. For example there are two even number till 4 and there are three even numbers till 6. Sum of first k even numbers is k * (k + 1) Putting k = n/2, we get sum of first n/2 even numbers as n/2 (n/2 + 1) Average of first n/2 even numbers (or even numbers till n) = (n + 2)/2. C++. . Write a program that calculates the average of up to 50 numbers input by the user and stored in an array. The program should use a class named Statistics and have an AddNumber method that stores numbers into an array one at a time. The class should have a Count property that keeps track of the number of numbers stored and a method called Average that returns the average of the numbers.
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