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General Review Request Text Templates. These basic standbys are meant to be professional, friendly, and workable for any industry. 1. Hey, [ customer name ], thanks for being our customer! Please consider leaving us a review. [ Review link ]. 2. [Customer name], thanks so much for your trust. 14- Add Call-to-Action. In the last part of your gig, encourage the buyers to buy your gig. Invite them to click the "Order Now" button. But for this, firstly you will have to write a great description that can make them happy. You will have to gain their trust if you want them to buy your gig. A tshirt design could be anything - a text, message, combination of both, piece of graphic, etc. Also, a tshirt designs can include typography, color, style, and more in a balanced proportion. A little touch of quirkiness, and you are all set to grab stolen glances wherever you go! The unique t-shirt design is getting momentum.
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