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Answer (1 of 16): The number of ways to arrange a deck of 52 cards is 52!, or 52 factorial, which is 52\cdot51\cdot50\cdot\dotsb\cdot3\cdot2\cdot1. There are 52 possible. The number of possible shuffles of a standard deck of cards (52 cards ) is 52 * 51 * 50 * ... * 1, or otherwise written as 52!. This number is approximately 8 * 10 67 (an 8 followed by 67 0's). To get an idea of how unimaginably large that number is, lets assume that we can create a billion different deck -orderings every second.. The bottom suit is ♦, which means the bottom card of our deck is the King of Diamonds (K♦).Now perform the following iteration: Place the top card of the deck randomly inside the deck. This means taking the A♠ and placing it randomly somewhere in the deck. The top card then becomes 2♠.. If this procedure is repeated, eventually the top card will be placed at the very bottom of the deck.
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